Monday, October 1, 2012

Skipped Trial

I was hoping to get down to Periland Agility this past weekend to try some more CPE with Tessa and Dean, but I didn't get down.

On Saturday I was dead tired.  I figured I would take the day to relax and then go on Sunday.  I spent much of Saturday catching up on house things, and just being with the dogs.  We did absolutely nothing!

On Sunday I woke up with a bit of a stuffy nose and decided, again, to stay home.  I think that was the wise choice.  Getting up at 5:30 to spend a morning in the cold running Agility probably would have made that worse.  So, I stayed home and did absolutely nothing again.

I was sorry, though, to miss the opportunity, and I hope I don't regret it down the road.

I skipped the last trial that Maddie was supposed to attend.  Had I known it would be her last, I would have been there.

Of course, I don't anticipate anything like that - Tessa and Dean should both have plenty of trials in their future.  And I have quite a lot of competition coming up in early November, in Freestyle and, hopefully, Rally.  I should be able to fit in a few more CPE trials, too.

This is a long ride with plenty of chances to progress.  I need to remember that I don't have to try to do it all within the span of a couple of weeks!

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