Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Walking Club of Summer

I finally got a chance to take Speedy and Tessa to King's Gap yesterday to do our Walking Club.  As I walked, I reflected on the goals that I had set at the beginning of the summer.  Two out of three were met.

Tessa is stronger.  She is looking really good.  I can't say this was entirely because of our walks, which were rather sporatic, but her muscle tone seems better and she seems stronger.

Speedy is also stronger.  He has some of his pep back.  I need to keep this up through the fall, to keep him as strong and flexible as possible.

I didn't lose any weight.  I had hoped to lose 15 pounds and I can't say I lost one.

But I had fun with my dogs.  I enjoyed being out in nature.  And I know that I benefited even if I didn't lose any weight.

It was a beautiful day yesterday and the pines smelled wonderful as we walked our loop.

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