Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Farewell, Level 1!!

On Sunday, Tessa and I bid a fond farewell to CPE Level 1!  All we needed to finish the entire level was a Q in Jumpers.  We were signed up to run Jumpers Level 1, Colors Level 2, and Wildcard Level 2, and Jumpers was first.

I did make a bit of a blip on the opening.  I probably should have led out past the second jump, but that isn't quite solid in class yet, so I'm not feeling ready to try it out in competition.  Tessa took the first jump, ran around the second, and promptly shot out ahead of me to take the third!!  You can have an off course in Jumpers Level 1, so that was OK.  I called her back, we did the second jump, and then ran the rest of the course and it was really nice.

We qualified, and she placed second to a very goofy blue merle Border Collie!  That completed her Level 1 Fun Title, and she got a very nice looking title ribbon!

But we weren't quite finished yet.  Our first attempt at Level 2 Colors was very successful.  We qualified and got first place.

Her best run of the day was her third - Level 2 Wildcard.  It was a straightforward perimeter run.  There was just one bit that I wasn't sure of.  There was one double jump all the way at the back of the course that was almost right up against the wall.  I wasn't sure how Tessa would be with that.  Turned out she was fine with it.

In the end, it was a beautiful run - flawless!  Tessa finished second to that blue merle again, this time by less than a second!!  She qualified.  That was her second Level 2 Wildcard Q, so we are finished with that now.  Next time she will go into Level 3 for Wildcard!  This time she and I are going to have a blast in Level 3 because we are very ready!

I was definitely proud of Tessa's Agility.  She did a beautiful job on every course that she ran.

But there was something else that I was even happier about.  You would never have known that Tessa was a dog with any issues whatsoever.  She pranced in and out of the building, preening the whole time, tail held high!  She was eager to go, go, GO at the entrance to the ring!  Before her third run, she sat very nicely and offered paw after paw!  She really wanted to go in and run!

On Sunday Tessa was a normal dog having a great time doing something that we enjoy.

To me that means everything.  Of course, I am very happy about this, too . . . 

Tessa, CL1, WFD-MF, CRO-1, ATD


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