Friday, September 21, 2012

Absolutely Awesome Agility Night!

Last night was Agility night for Tessa and Dean.  It was a nice, cool night, but still warm enough to be outside.  Tessa particularly seemed to appreciate the weather, and she ran with much more enthusiasm than she does when it is hot out.

The course was very simple, and Tessa did an awesome job on it.  Her start line stay is coming along nicely.  The second piece of equipment on the course was a dog walk, so I didn't get to practice leading out past a second jump, but I did work on building some more distance.  Her teeter is fantastic.  I think she really is ready to try a new teeter in competition!  She may get her chance in a week if the weather is nice enough to go down to Periland.  And she did nice solid weave poles.

The best part of the course for us was toward the end when there was a jump that I sent her to with a little bit of distance!!  That felt really good and it worked perfectly both times that we ran.

Dean had a great night, too.  He has been leaping the down contact of the A-Frame, so my instructor and I did some troubleshooting and decided to try having him go back to a stopped A-Frame.  He had issues with it years ago because he never seemed to be able to keep his back feet from flopping off of the A-Frame on a stop.  But we are going to try again.  We started a true re-train by having him off to the side, come around behind me to get on the ramp from near the bottom, and just offer the 2 on 2 off position.  He liked that!  I'm not sure why he got such a kick out of it, but it put him in a fantastic mood, and after that, he ran very nicely!!

His teeter is also getting very nice and if we go down to Periland I think we are going to attempt it again!!!  And his weaves, which he has been struggling with, were much better last night.

It was great to see Dean having such a good time.  I love it when he enjoys himself at class.

This Sunday we are going to the SuperPup trial at Bella Vista.  Dean and Tessa are both running Level 1 Jumpers and Level 2 Wildcard.  Tessa is in Level 2 Colors, and Dean is actually in Level 3!!  I am hoping, most of all, that Dean enjoys himself.  Q's would be nice, but a mood like he was in last night would be even better!

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