Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tessa - CRO - 1!!!

Last Saturday Stephanie and I met at the training building to do some stuff with our dogs.  She wanted to work with her dogs a bit on BAT and I wanted to set up a Cyber Rally course to try to get a film of Tessa for her 3rd leg in Level 1.

The BAT session worked out well.  Even though Tessa and I were the decoy, I learned from it.  It was interesting to see Liam get the idea of what was desired, and to see the effect that putting space between himself and Tessa had on the learning process.

Afterward, we set up Course 5 from Level 1.  I had actually done this course with Dean, but when he did it, we had it squashed in the Rainbow Room.  It was really different out in the big room.

Tessa did a nice job.  We just did two takes, and I submitted the second one.  Here it is:

She really, really, really enjoys this.  I'm not sure why, but she finds it particularly delightful!

I love the way she moves when she comes up into heel and moves with me.  This is exactly what I am going for in our Freestyle!

We did get the Q, so this is her 3rd Leg, so she earned her CRO-1 Title!!

That means that she has earned two Tricks Titles, one Freestyle Title (plus two legs toward another), one Agility Title (and she is one leg away from 4 others!), and now a Rally Title!!!

I am so proud of her.  It's not just the titles, but they really mark how far she has come.

Congrats to Tessa - ITD, WFD-MF, CL1-S, CRO-1

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