Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Cyber Rally

Because today is July 4th, the classes that I teach this evening were rescheduled.  My Rally class and I met yesterday morning and, because it was our last class of the session, we did a videotaping session.  I did the course with Tessa to give them a chance to run the camera and I ended up getting a take that I could submit.  Actually I ended up with three of them!

The first take is the one that I chose to submit.  Tessa did a really nice job - her tail waggling almost the whole way through!  She made one mistake - on a 180 left turn, she sat and raised her paw!  It's very cute.  I noticed that she did that, also, in her Freestyle performance, when I paused to cue a spin.  Something that I am doing is obviously sending her a cue to do that - she is offering it very eagerly, as if she thinks that's what I'm asking for!  Retries are allowed in Cyber Rally, so we just backed up and redid the sign and all was good!

Her heeling was good - she came up and moved with me really nicely.  That is something that we have been working on in training, and need to work on more.  Her movement is lovely when she heels up next to me and raises her head just a bit.

We had a funny moment on a finish loop wait.  I cued her to sit after the finish and, instead of sitting, she stood there and waggled intensely at me!  A stand wait is acceptable there, so I did accept it.  The odd thing is that she did that exact same thing on all three takes!  Didn't do it anywhere else.  How did she know she actually didn't have to sit there . . . ?!!?

Here is the video of the run that I submitted:

I did our second take off leash.  She did a nice job on that, too.  The one mistake in this one was actually mine!  I started to walk past the second cone on the serpentine (must have thought it was a spiral for a second), and I saw Tessa look between the cones, where we were supposed to go and remembered that it was a serpentine!!!  She had only done the course once and she already knew it!!!

The second run is good, too, although I didn't see as much of the really nice heelwork.  There was a good bit, though, especially coming toward the camera near the end of the run.  I really, really, really need to practice heelwork with her.  She's very stylish when she hits her stride.

I did go ahead and submit the on leash run, and it was a Q!  Now she only needs one more to finish the Level 1 CRO title!!

We are in that boat with a bunch of titles now!  We need one more Freestyle Novice Q, one more CPE Standard, one more CPE Fun, and one more CPE Handler Games (all Level 1), and now one more CRO Level 1 Q to get the titles.  How fun would it be to finish all of them this year?!!?

The thing I love best about working with Tessa as my sport partner is that she is so willing.  She really wants to learn and work with me out there.  I love watching that waggling tail, and I love the look in her eyes when she is figuring things out!

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