Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walking Club

This summer Speedy, Tessa, and I are the Walking Club!!  We went, for the second time, to King's Gap, and took a short hike.  It is hot out today, and Speedy isn't exactly in top condition, so we did keep it short.  It was nice, though.

Because it is so buggy (the bugs are horrible this year because of the mild winter we had), I made sure to put on some Avon Expedition.  The scent of Avon Expedition in the woods on a hot day always reminds me of letterboxing on the Outer Banks!!  Good times!

Out on our walk.  Speedy is definitely happy to be out walking in the woods, and Miss Tessa approves just as much!

Last time we stuck to the short paved trail, but this time we went further afield.  We ended up on the paved trail at the end, though.  I got a nice shot of the tall pines.  I love pines - I think that's why I enjoy hiking around here so much.

I tried to make Speedy and Tessa pose for a picture, but neither were impressed!

Tessa:  Stop playing photographer!  Let's hike!!

It was a nice hike, in spite of the abundance of insects.  I'm hoping that we will go at least twice a week.  I'd like to see Tessa gain just a bit more strength and power.  I'd like to see Speedy gain back a little more strength.  And I want to lose 15 - 20 pounds.

Good goals for the walking club!!

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