Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Onward . . .

Yesterday evening we began our training to improve our routine performance.

I started with some moving position work.  We didn't do a whole lot, but I had my arms behind my back and c/t when Tessa moved into position.  As we work on it, I will begin to c/t duration more than moving into the position.  We are supposed to have some practice time on a full ring this weekend, so we will work a lot of moving position.

We worked on the switches.  We did them stationary, only moving a few steps after the switch.  By the time we finished, she was going on verbal off of one side.  The other is going to need more work.

To introduce something new that we might incorporate at some point, we did some backing in heel/side work.  We went into the kitchen and she was between me and the cabinets.  I backed up a step, let her offer the backing with me, c/t.  She started to get it, so we stopped.  I will be interested to see what she does with it when we go back to it.

Then we did some pivot work.  I pulled out a laundry basket and worked pivots around it - c/t for her rear end movement.  I'd really like to have pivots ready to add to the routine by May.  I'll see how they go over the next couple of weeks and add them if appropriate.

Finally, we did just a smidge of hind leg work.  We will take that slow, but I'd like to get her to offer the "up up" on her hind legs and reach up to touch my hand with one of her paws.  It would be such a sweet move!!

It was a great training session.  Tessa was very eager to work.  I think she is really understanding what this kind of training is for now!

Not to neglect her Agility, we did a little bit of one jump work, as well.

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