Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teeters, Twirls, and Switches!

Tessa is making great progress with the teeter and it's new "booooing!"

She actually tipped it on her own twice last night.  Granted, she is tipping it so it lands quietly, but the teeter will be like everything else for Tessa.  As she gains confidence on it, she will start to operate it more competently.

Along with that, she did really well at class.  She ran the course nicely, including nice weaves and contacts!  She loves it more and more every time we run.

Tonight we had another dance session.  Tessa is making fast, fast progress!  We worked on twirls, spins, leg weaves, circles, and moving to the music.  She really got into the session.

No training tomorrow since I teach all evening, but on Thursday we will continue . . . .

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