Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving to Music 101

On Friday I took Tessa down to Kamp Kitty to run through her Freestyle routine.  It did not go as planned.  It turned out that when we got into an open space, she actually didn't care much for her Scottish music.  And I've done so little movement to music with her that she really didn't have the idea down.

So, I went back to the piece that we used for Innovations, and for the demo a couple of weeks ago.  I know she likes that and will move well to it.  I also added a jump to her routine.  She loves to jump, so I may as well put some jumping in.  It will add audience appeal.

My main goal for this routine is for Tessa to enjoy the performance, so it is very simple.  Over the next two weeks, we will practice pieces of it and we will move through the house to the music.

We started this morning, and I think we made good progress.  At first she moved slowly, thinking through what we were doing.  But by the end of the training session, she was moving nicely to the music, not only in straight lines, but on curves, as well!

These are the elements that we need to practice over the next two weeks:

Moving to the music on both sides in straight lines and on curves
Moving to the music toward me as I go backwards
Sit-Walk Around
Moving Leg Weaves

And that is pretty much Tessa's list of moves right now!!!  After this competition, I want to start to work more on pivots and backing, and introduce sidepassing.

I also think I am going to head to JoAnn's and see about getting some fabric to make a new skirt.  It seems Tessa should have something new of her own for her first competition Freestyle performance.

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