Friday, September 30, 2016

More All Dogs Parkour

I have to say - I haven't had this much fun in a very long time!

Tessa and I have just gone to town with our All Dogs Parkour entries!  Since my last post, we completed Level 2, which requires just one Q.  And we have completed Level 3, which requires three Q's!  So, we have filmed at four more locations and we have enjoyed every step of the way!

For our Level 2, we went to the park where Dean and I filmed his first entry - Stuart Park at Barnitz Mill near Mount Holly Springs.  It was a very hot evening, but I wasn't really too concerned about it.  I figured that after a quick dip in the Yellow Breeches Creek, Tessa would be very comfortable - and she was.  I was, too.  I love to slosh around in the Yellow Breeches!

Hanging out in the nice cool water!
My favorite spot along the creek.  I don't know who owns that table setup - I would be sitting there all day long if that were mine!

Here is our entry!  I love seeing how much she enjoys this.  The tail was waggling away after many of those exercises!

In Level 2, the dog has to complete 7 different exercises, so only 5 can be repeated.

After this we were on to Level 3, where the dog has to complete 8 different exercises, so only 4 can be repeated.  And, we needed to qualify in three different entries.

For our first Level 3 filming session, we went to a location that was brand new to me.  A good friend of mine, and fellow Parkour enthusiast, lives near a small park near Boiling Springs.  She, and two of our other Parkour friends, spent the morning in her "Little Park".

It was hot again, but this park is also along the Yellow Breeches, so Tessa got to take a bit of a dip after we had been working for a while.

My favorite part of this filming session was trying out two of the Landscape Patterns - Figure 8 and Loops.  Tessa really seemed to enjoy doing those, too.

Here is our submission video.  It was a Q!

We went to film next at a location at which I had been looking forward to working with Tessa for quite some time - Willow Mill Park.

I had expected that it would be cooler on this particular day, and it was - somewhat.  As we worked we got pretty warm again.  Thankfully, there was a creek at this park, too - the Conodoguinet.  After filming about six exercises, we enjoyed a bit of wading to cool off.

My favorite part of this filming session was actually the Get On (4 Feet) onto the big rock.  We did that toward the end of our time at Willow Mill.  It felt something like a CPE Table, and Tessa and I adore the CPE Table!

Tessa also enjoyed the filming with did with the picnic table for "Novel Uses".  I let her come up with some ideas and she really liked that!

Finally, for our third Level 3 entry, Tessa and I went up to the Watershed Trail in Kings Gap State Park.  It actually was much cooler for this filming session, which was a very good thing because the Watershed Trail was dry as a bone!  The entire creek has completely dried up!

Tessa was really into our Parkour this time around.  She had a clear attitude of adventure and interest on every exercise we filmed.  We ended up filming twenty exercises that we could have submitted, and, of course, we only needed 12.

My favorite part of this one was "Back Up onto an EF".  She had I have been working on this, and she almost always sits after she backs on.  That's OK.  In ADP that is allowed.  But this time she nailed the exercise and remained standing!  It was gorgeous!

And she had so much fun working with that big log.  She love walking on a log, and doing her Jump Assisted (which I refer to privately as "VAULT!").

If I could go back and film with her on the Watershed Trail, I definitely would!  Maybe we will when we are eventually working toward our Grand Championship!  But that will come later.

Here is our entry from Watershed Trail . . .

And that was a Q and our Level 3 Title!

Now we go on to Level 4 where we will need three more Q's at three more locations, now with nine different exercises within our total of 12, and one must be an Advanced exercise.

Here we go!

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